Fun Guy Cafe

Our Fun Guy Cafe is The Real Coconut’s version of a supercharged butter coffee! This drink is one of our customers’ top favorites in the restaurant in Tulum, it’s simple to make, and has a host of beneficial additions in the form of of good fats and adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms.  These additions have been purposefully added to nourish and rebalance your body, whilst also enjoying the stimulating effects of the antioxidant rich coffee.  The lovely fats from the coconut oil have an array of benefits but will specifically help to satiate you and balance your blood sugar levels which can easily go haywire after drinking caffeine.

Our in house curated TRC adaptogen blend is made up of readily available herbs and mushrooms, so can easily be made at home.  We have specially concocted this blend for its balancing properties to help get you through a busy day whilst also keeping you grounded, as too many stimulating foods and drinks can actually turn you into a bit of gibbering wreck!  

So what’s in our adaptogen blend?  Well, the base is strongly defined by the medicinal mushrooms chaga, reishi & shiitake.  Then we add a touch of ashwagandha & mineral rich sea salt.  The chaga is great for immunity and is highly alkalizing; the shiitake is immune boosting & supports brain function; whilst reishi is very grounding and helps to balance your hormones and is great when combined with ashwagandha, which is also fantastic at keeping you grounded and free from stress.  

Fun Guy Cafe Recipe

1 single espresso (or double if you like it stronger)
6oz homemade coconut milk or organic canned coconut milk (BPA free & additive free)
2 teaspoons extra virgin coconut oil
1 teaspoon TRC adaptogen blend - about 2g
Option: 1 tsp coconut sugar, maple syrup, or sweetener of choice.


Make a long espresso in a coffee machine. If you do not have a coffee machine you can use a stovetop espresso pot or use a french press.  

Warm your blender container with a cup of hot water to prevent the coffee from cooling down too much when you blend it.  

Heat the milk using a steamer, or in a small saucepan (it can start to lightly bubble but do not let it properly simmer or boil).  Pour the hot water out of the blender and add in the rest of the ingredients.  Blend on a high speed for about 10 seconds or until you can see the coffee becoming light and creamy.


You can use organic coconut milk from a can if you are not able to make your own.  We recommend using the canned coconut milk as supposed to a shop bought coconut milk which may contain sugars, gums, thickeners or preservatives. As we like like to advocate using simple, unadulterated foods or ingredients wherever possible, we would choose pure coconut canned coconut milk over commercial cartoned coconut milk.