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Grain, Gluten & Dairy Free Menus - Naturally Inspired, Naturally Good.



From a soft-sand paradise of the Caribbean in Tulum, to bustling Los Angeles, we are creating naturally inspired spaces for our delicious and nutritious offerings.

Eat Together

Every plate is designed with digestive health in mind. We cater for various diets including vegan and paleo. There is something for ‘every body’ on our menus.


Sanará meaning, ‘you will heal’ in Spanish, sits on the backdrop of one of the world’s most stunning and popular beaches, looking out onto the turquoise waters of the Caribbean - here you will discover our original restaurant, the birthplace of Daniella’s famous coconut flour tortillas.

Daniella’s menus are designed with ‘every body’ in mind, with most diets and allergies catered for.

The Real Coconut's products and recipes are dedicated to digestive health, and provide a philosophy of health and eating as a regimen for sustainable living, both personally and for the planet. In our restaurants we promote plant-based choices as the basis of our meals, and offer options of sustainably sourced, pasture-reared or wild caught, animal proteins from local farmers & fishermen. We employ a nose-to-tail methodology wherever possible, to honor the creature and to reduce wastage to a minimum.



Not all tortillas are created equal! First served in The Real Coconut Tulum, Daniella’s Organic, 6 ingredient tortillas are available in over 2000 outlets across the USA, Canada and Europe.

Now available in our online store too! Join the tribe on Instagram to see snack and filling ideas.


Our award-winning tortilla chips come in 5 flavors, offering a satisfying crunch! Perfect to snack on or share and great with dips or as an alternative to crackers!

Loved by many and featured in the likes of Goop, NY Times, Bon Appetit and Well Good.


The Real Coconut Organic Superfood Tortillas are exciting new line extensions to the brand’s incredibly popular and fast-moving Original Coconut Flour Tortillas. These new products take organic, grain-free, paleo tortillas to the next level by adding on-trend superfood ingredients to the same great base formula as the Original.